Become big!

Gamestreaming has skyrocketed in the past years. Both Platforms and their users reach millions of people every day. Steemstream helps you to reach a wider audience by enabling you to Stream on multiple Platforms at the same time!


Monetise your content from the first day! Steem is a Socialmedia-Platform built to monetise content creators and curators. Sites like support their Streamers with Crypto-Currencies while Viewers can add some value without giving away their own money. Learn more here


Profit from Blockchain

Steemusers are in paid in Steem, a Cryptocurrency built on the Steemplatform. Big Apps built in the Steem Ecosystem like (Twitch alike) or (Youtube like) pay their Creators directly. A daily Vlog or Stream can earn you 50$ a month even while youre starting.


Reach out

SteemStream is a service that pushes your Livestream to multiple different platforms in realtime. Get your content out on Youtube, Youtube-Gaming, Mixer, Twitch, Smashcast, Dlive, Vimm and every other service at the same time and boost your grow!

Why should i use Steemstream?

While other Services charge 19$ a month for one custom RTMP, we let you chose 4 destinations for one pricetag and thats way below their level

Restreaming is currently handled manualy, just send a mail to

*Note: For this service to work we will need your streamkeys for every destination